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Dr. Beomyoung (Luke) Cho obtained his Ph.D. degree in Health Behavior (minor in Epidemiology) from the Indiana University School of Public Health – Bloomington and M.P.H. degree in Epidemiology from Seoul National University Graduate School of Public Health in Seoul, South Korea. In addition, he was trained in undergraduate and graduate Occupational Therapy programs and worked as an occupational therapist. Prior to joining UNF, Dr. Cho was a postdoctoral research associate at Colorado State University, University of Michigan School of Public Health, and Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. Dr. Cho’s research areas include lifestyle factors related to cancer and other chronic diseases and can be categorized into tobacco control and obesity. One of his major research interests is examining influencing factors of and sociodemographic disparities in tobacco use (e.g., cigarette smoking, electronic vapor product use, and dual/poly tobacco use) as such information helps develop efficacious tobacco use prevention strategies. He specializes in quantitative research using advanced statistical and epidemiologic methods. His current projects at the Department of Public Health focus on tobacco use and obesity among people with disabilities and cancer survivors. He is also building on his expertise with disparities in cancer treatments among breast cancer patients and survival. His research works have been published in JAMA Oncology, American Journal of Preventive Medicine, Journal of Adolescent Health, Preventive Medicine, American Journal of Health Promotion, American Journal of Health Behavior, Journal of American College Health, BMC Public Health, Journal of Behavioral Health Services and Research, Substance Use and Misuse, and Journal of Primary Prevention, and others as well as presented at various academic conferences.

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Education/Academic qualification

Postdoctoral Associate, Colorado State University, CO

Epidemiology, Ph.D., Indiana University School of Public Health--Bloomington, IN

Postdoctoral Associate, University of Michigan School of Public Health, MI

Occupational Therapy, M.S., University of Wisconsin--Milwaukee, WI

Postdoctoral Associate, Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, MO

Occupational Therapy, B.S., Yonsei University, South Korea


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  • Public Health