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Zhiping Yu, PhD, RDN obtained her doctoral degree in Nutritional Science from Pennsylvania State University and her bachelor and master's degrees in Food Science in China. Her research interests are focused on discovering biological mechanisms and developing nutrition and lifestyle interventions for food intake related health problems including eating disorders, obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. Dr. Yu has published in peer-reviewed scientific journals as well as presented at scientific conferences. She is an active member in several scientific societies and serves in a number of committee positions. She is also actively involved in community service projects to promote healthy eating and physical activities in Jacksonville population.

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Cuantificación de educación / académica

Food Science and Engineering, B.S., Hebei University of Science and Technology

Nutritional Sciences, Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University

Food Science, M.S., Tianjin University of Science and Technology


  • Medicine and Health Sciences
  • Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition